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Presidential Message

STELIOS PROSALIKASFrom the position of the President of the Greek Association of Care Units for Elderly (P.E.M.F.I.) I have the pleasure to welcome you to the new website of the association.

PEMFI is a recognized professional association with members of the legal care units for the elderly in Greece. As a representative of the units, PEMFI works hard to highlight the collective positions and proposals to the political power and the institutions of the European Union, with ultimate aim to modernize the sector and the awareness of Greek society about the importance of MFI and their contribution, along with other necessary agencies, to the confrontation of the problems of vulnerable group of older people.

Moreover, through the actions of our association, during the last years regular training sessions for the staff of the units have been organized with the aim to offer scientific and practical training so as to improve the services provided to the guests of the units.

Our new website was set up to serve colleagues who wish to be informed of PEMFI professional issues and the latest evolution concerning the Third Age, and the wider audience in its effort to find a unit that meets their requirements.

Our goal is the site of P.E.M.F.I. to be dynamic, updated and informed and this can be achieved only through a process of interactive information and cooperation in which we hope you would be our allies.

The most powerful weapon against the difficulties of our times is unity. TOGETHER we can achieve a lot and I hope that this website will bring a new era to our cooperation.

Stelios Prosalikas
President of P.E.M.F.I.